Friday, May 6, 2011


So I figured in an attempt to work on writing, and to get off of face book I would try to write a vintage blog. Hopefully you will find this blog inspiring; I imagine that a lot of it will start off with wedding associated things, because that is where my mind is currently.

I am 20 something stuck in the wrong decade. I have been told I have an old soul. I have an appreciation for anything old. Everything has a story and I would love to hear them. I am inspired by the patterns that used to exist in a “simpler” time.

Another inspiring thing to me would be taking something and making it into something it is not suppose to be. This is known as repurposing. I have projects laying all around my house, and maybe I can showcase some of them through this blog and inspire you like others have inspired me to do.

 I look forward to this Journey and I leave you with my latest find! 


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