Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Wreaths and a Show!

I have been in a very creative mood lately, and have taken my creativity out on several projects. I have been custom making ornament wreaths for people based on their color schemes. Also I have been making Paper Wreaths to put in the booth up at the trading post. Lots of creativity has been put into this. 

 Black and White themed available for purchase for $40.

 Red Green and Gold Themed, available for purchase for $50. This is larger wreath.
 This blue and white one has been sold for a custom order to a dear friend of mine. 

 TCU color themed, not intentionally, this wreath is a large one and is available for purchase for $50. 

 Red and White themed, officially my first wreath available for purchase for $40. Below is a black and white themed wreath that was custom made for a friend.

We also did a vendor fair this past Saturday, I was happy with the set up! It looked great in comparison to others that were there. Just wish we could have walked away with more sales and more people knowing to come stop by the Justin Trading post for some great deals! 

We featured several tea cup lamps at this show, they were all marked down available for purchase for $35. These make great gifts for the tea lover in your life. This is the one that got the most attention, mostly from the little girls that were walking around the show. 

We had originally taken out shutter shelves for setup, then quickly realized we needed to improvise. We instead used just the shutters for display. I need to find some more shutters like this for other various projects!

 We did feature our wreaths at the show, but no one bought them. We did get a lot of great compliments on them. Especially the purple and gold one which i suddenly realized were the TCU colors. Mostly everything shown at the show was handmade, and made out of items that were otherwise going to go into a landfill. I have a special place in my heart for saving items that would otherwise be destroyed!

 Check out our tree's that are made out of cupcake liners and posterboard! This is a great fun idea and doesnt take a lot of time! 

Happy Hunting, and Happy Holidays 


  1. Oooohhh, these are all kinds of festive fabulous!!! I adore ornament wreaths and think you've done a really fantastic job with these.

    Many heartfelt thanks for your kind get well wishes this morning, they really mean a lot to me.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Such pretty wreaths!! I like the purple too, but just for the color, not the school.

  3. Your wreaths are gorgeous, I like the red,green, and gold one the best:-)
    Shutters are great to use as displays at the shows. I have a 3-piece one I use for earrings. Love those cupcake trees too. Very nice.

  4. I know its traditional but I like the red and silver combo in a wreath.
    Thanks for entering the giveaway, Be sure to stop by my blog on Thursday for another giveaway.