Friday, November 30, 2012

Lets Talk about Fireplaces!

So my house is a older home, and it has a very awesome LARGE fireplace. I am pretty sure I could fit a 3 foot long un-split piece of wood in this thing its so big. 

Exhibit one, my living room....

First of all I also have a problem with the randomly placed stain glass window (All it does is go into my sun room). Secondly I also have a problem with the mirror that they couldn't have not put up in the house *rolls eyes*. Third seriously... whats up with the paneling? BUT MOST OF ALL!! THIS FIREPLACE KILLS ME!

Ok, sorry for the caps lock, but seriously.... the hearth extends the entire width of the room, the mantle is tiny, that gold box is hideous, and I am not too keen on the brick either. 

Onto inspirational pictures.... 

  long and low on the hearth...

 Do you think I could get away with painting the bricks white and redoing the mantle to make one that goes the length of the fireplace itself? I mean it barely has enough room to hold all my fancy pretty junk up there... and i think it is going to fall half of the time. So vote, should I paint it white, or leave it alone? 


  1. I totally think you could paint the paneling. It would look GREAT! And, adding a mantel just over the fireplace would turn it into a focal piece!