Thursday, February 7, 2013

Fireplace Update

 Here is a small update for you, the room is officially torn apart! 

 What a mess this has turned out to be, when we finally wheelbarrowed all of the nasty bricks outside we found the one thing no homeowner wants to find in their home....

MOLD *insert horror movie scream here*
I kind of had a feeling whenever i started pulling out moldy bricks, that we were going to run into this problem. It seems there was moisture from somewhere behind the bricks. We also have no clue to the source of the moisture. We waited a week to drywall so it could rain, and maybe we could find it, but we have had no such luck. No leaks were to be found, so maybe this is a good thing! 

Off with the drywall, next the insulation, and now we probably didn't handle this situation correctly, more then likely releasing thousands of mold spores into the air. We are all still alive though. 

Let me tell you something though, this room looks so much bigger and better now that the ugly fireplace hearth is gone! More open, and room for a sitting area to add a couple of chairs.

Next we will dry wall. No insulation will go back in there, because it is a interior wall. That little stained glass window is getting dry walled as well. We are going to put up another layer of paneling to match the rest of the ugly paneling and on to paint. I am curious to what Miss Mustard Seeds Milk Paint will look like on the paneling! 


  1. So what are you going to do with the stained glass window after you take it out... huh????

    1. We arent officially taking it out, just boxing it in!