Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I dont think I could Ever do "Enough"

At this point in my life I have come to terms that I will not be a superstar, and rise to fame, and I have also decided that I am ok with that in my life. I am a superstar in my own mind, and in my families and friends minds. 

Often times I wonder if i over extend myself... last night laying in bed my husband asked what normal people do! All of this was prompted because there is now 5 Basset Hounds at my household... 2 are my own dogs, and 3 are fosters.

Along with working, going to school, taking care of my family, having a side business I also find the time to take care of animals that will some day not be mine. I foster Basset Hounds for the North Texas Basset Hound Rescue.

If you are interested in adopting a Basset Hound you should check out the website, its a completely volunteer organization. We do not have a place where the dogs live, instead they depend on families to take in the dogs. Its like a foster situation, instead of fostering children I foster Basset Hounds! 

Available Dogs 

My whole Family knows this, and they know I am a sucker, they also know I don't like to see them put down for no reason. Well the Ft Worth animal shelter was full and had two of the Bassets... meet Jake and Finn.

Jake and Finn
 They were meant for euthanization last night because the shelter received 500 animals last week :( My little sister tagged me in the post... and I couldn't just sit there and let them die for no reason, so off to the shelter I went, and the adoption coordinator authorized me to pick up both for the rescue organization!

They are doing VERY well with us, and go for neutering on Thursday as well as a full vet check up !

Here is our other foster Delilah, we have had her for about 2 months, and she went to her first event on Sunday. She did very well, and is ready for adoption at this point. 

So I go back to the question that my husband asked me... what do normal people do? I can tell you that a normal person probably hasn't pulled 3 dogs out of area shelters and fostered them, or adopted 2 more animals from area shelters, or has had the privilege of fostering 5 different beautiful Basset Babies. So I may not have fame, or be a rock star, but I have made a difference. 

Pure breed dogs DO get put in shelters all of the time, they are not immune from the system.  

Another thing, a shelter HATES putting down dogs for no reason, its not their fault they have to euthanize dogs because we humans can not control our breeding habits of them, and refuse a $40 spay or neuter visit. Next time you go out to dinner, and spend $40 on a meal, think you could have made a difference by just taking care of your own pet.

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