Monday, September 17, 2012

Holy Cow We had a Pinterest Party !!!

This post is a few weeks in the making, with many hours of planning all coming together! Several amazing sponsors and tons of fun happened! The first official Pinterest party!

So many amazing ladies, and so much great crafty fun! It really is cool to see what everyone comes up with on their own! 

This is the spread of food, and probably one of the most impressive spreads of food i have ever seen! Everyone was challenged to come up with a recipe that they found on Pinterest! We had things from Banana Pudding to Rocky Road Brownies to Hawaiian Ham Sandwich's! I think w had somewhere around 10 different dip choices as well! Everyone of which was fan freaking tastic!

 We had some amazing sponsors for the Party! From Celebrating home and Mary Kay consultants all the way to nifty crafts supplies and fabulous cards!

 2Berry Creative
 sent us some Bakers Twine, Note Tags, and Washi Tape 

Alexis Mattox Design
Sent us some of her amazing cards, have you seen these pretty things? Oh boy were they a hit!

Celebrating Home with Renee Brooks
Mary Kay with Crystal Rooks 

Scentsy with Christa Washburn

Tastefully Simple with Jodi Reyes

Cookie Lee with Marci Yoder

The Classy Cactus Antique Mall


Caitlin on the left painting her T onto her burlap, and the wreath table on the right!

My mom and my sister were great! They had no clue they would be sitting at the cricuts the whole night! We learned something, that we need to cut things before the party!

More wreath making this was a buzzing table!

This is a basket of some of the completed items! Dont you love the way the burlap letter turned out?

A couple of variations on the coffee filter wreath. Cara added little white roses into her wreath to give it a bit of a difference!

Special thanks to all of the amazing people involved in our party! It took a lot of work but it was well worth it! The Sponsors were great, the ladies were fun to hang out with! The Classy Cactus Antique Mall was the Perfect Venue to host this in! 

We had a blast, and I hope you can join one in the future!
Alexis Mattox Design

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