Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My Weekend and My New Rzr!

I am very much a family person, I love my family, and I love anything that I can do with my family. Well about a year ago my husband started getting involved with a group of ATV enthusiasts that were local who plan really great events. So that has been our new thing, ATV's . Our son has a little four wheeler, and my husband has had somewhere around 7 different four wheelers. 

I was commisioned to take the group photo, which is what you see above! We had over 30 people there riding with us! 

The place that we rode is called Red River motor Trails, and they have this place called the Red Bull Barn. We were allowed to hop the fence to get in there for a picture. You will see My son up above posing for a picture in front of the barn.

Here is a picture of Me and Robert in our RZR! This is my new toy, and its so nice when you are riding with kids! So much better then trying to ride with 2 people on a four wheeler.

Our friends Justin and Courtney driving my RZR. He also has a RZR but its not as cool or as modified as mine. So we had to give him a chance to drive it down in the sand pit!

 Here is Krissy driving my RZR with me in the Passenger seat, this was just after we decided to take the RZR into the River. Notice we are dry, thats because we had to go back and change, or freeze. Justin and Courtney are in their RZR next to mine. You can see a difference right away in the two RZRs. 

Tons of fun was had, and great family time! I cooked all weekend for most of the people that were camping. It was nice and relaxing and the weather was perfect for some fun. 

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