Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Calling All Santas!

I am attempting to help Amber over at the Maddux monologues with a family that is needing some help in the DFW area, if you can find it in your heart to donate to this family please do!

I am a blessed individual, I have a great family, and Husband, this year other then the strike we have been very fortunate. It is sad that others out there havent been able to be so fortunate or keep up with the things they need. 

When I was a little girl my mom and dad often had hard times trying to provide Christmas, and Birthdays for us. My dad was a military man, and had 3 girls. I can tell you that i know my mom and dad stressed out night and day trying to make sure that we had everything we needed. I dont know that we ever really noticed this as kids, because we were quite happy with everything that was given to us. When it comes to times like Christmas, and kids birthdays my mom is very giving now. They are in a position financially that they are able to help others, and she doesn't want parents to feel the strain that she did with 3 girls years ago.

My Mom brought over a donation for these girls!

Each now have a coat, outfit, set of underwear, and set of socks. The older girl has 2 monster high dolls, and the little one is getting a baby alive doll as well as a couple of games! I can not tell you how blessed i am to have a mother like this! 

Here is another fantastic Donation from one of my friends for these girls! 

Here is the stack of stuff i have for them minus their jackets, there is a bag of food items for them, and some toiletries as well as some laundry detergent and fabric softener. Wrapping paper, gift bags. Hopefully enough to get them through 2 birthdays and christmas! 

Let me know if you are interested in helping out! We are meeting the mom this Saturday, and i can drive around and pickup donations before hand! Come on DFW! 

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