Monday, December 10, 2012

Calling DFW Friends, we need a Santa

My friend Amber Maddux over at the Maddux monologues is coordinating an effort for two little girls! 

If you are interested in helping out and being a secret Santa, or a birthday beneficiary please go over and tell her!

Needing Santa
Nominated by: Anonymous
Location: Arlington, Tx.
"I'm writing in about my sister and her family. My sister and brother in law have two beautiful children, two girls ages 4 and 8. A few months ago my sister came down with some health issues which have caused her to have to cut back on her work hours. Her family was already struggling financially, worrying about paying the mortgage and car payments, and then she had to cut her work hours down. She is now struggling to buy enough food, and called me crying the other day because she had run out of peanut butter and bread and her girls were still hungry and it was two days before payday. She is so stressed out that it worries me greatly. Both of her girls have birthdays in December. This is the first year that she has told the girls they cannot have a birthday party. She simply cannot afford to buy birthday gifts and decorations, much less pay for a party for school friends. And she has made peace with that, we are having a small family get-together for the girls birthdays. But what is really stressing her out is Christmas. She can explain to the girls that she doesn't have money for Christmas gifts - but how do you explain that SANTA doesn't have money to bring gifts? I wish I could help her, I am trying when I can to bring food, but my husband and I have 6 kids ourselves and are just making ends meet this Christmas.I would love if someone could help my sister by getting a few things for Santa to bring her girls. Nothing big or expensive, just stocking stuffers and maybe one or two toys or stuffed animals would make such a huge difference, allowing the girls to wake up Christmas morning to the magic of the crumbs on the cookie plate right next to a stocking of gifts. Any help would be greatly appreciated!"

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