Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Frenchy goes to Provence!

Hello Bloggers out in the world! Sorry I have been away, but i have been preparing for so many different things! I went to my first antique show and decided that my mom and I were going to try our hand at selling the antiques ourselves! So off to the shop we go in July. 

I just wanted to share with you one of my new projects!

This dresser was given to me by a friend, and boy did this baby need a face lift pretty quickly! I was also give its mate in a long 6 drawer dresser! It had some issues with cosmetics, but off I went to get my wood putty! I filled in all of the holes, and curved a new bottom where a dog seemed to have chewed a little!

 This is a during picture, after I put the first coats of the base paint on i felt like i couldn't leave it like that it needed more! So off to free handing I go with a little paint brush and some of Annie's Pure white! I did the details really well, but when i got to the drawers i sort of failed... this is when i learned a very valuable lesson!

 You mean if I tape off the drawers the lines will actually look good? Yes I wear the hat shamelessly of just wanting to get this project done after all it took me all day to work with! So ladies and gents, use that fancy painters tape and get to work! Your lines are going to look so much better, and your customers are going to love you for it!

Finally after quite a few hours of work here she is! Isn't she a beauty? I decided no distressing, sometimes those people are a little much with sanding down the sides of things so I didn't want to touch this gal! I did try a new wax for her, min wax instead of Annie's, and I kind of like it a little bit more! I have used it on a few other pieces that I finished up over the weekend! 

Well here I go, I promise to post some more! I have bouquets to show off to you as well as other little projects that are going on! Maybe even a upholstery how to is coming up! Stay tuned my friends! 

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