Sunday, April 7, 2013

Jennifer's Bouquet

 I thought i would share with you a brooch bouquet I did recently for a client. She asked if we could do, white, black, silver and gold toned brooches in her bouquet. I knew i could create a beautiful masterpiece for her!

In our emailing back in forth she told me, "not to much black, I need to remember this is a wedding not a funeral"

So the entire time I was working on this gorgeous bouquet that was in the back of my head! This isn't a funeral Jen don't put more black in there than what she is asking! 

 Then she threw the curve ball at me when she asked me to wrap the handle in black ;) 

I guess you could say that her handle is the bit of rebellion she was looking for in her bouquet!

What is awesome about this bouquet is the things she sent to me to add into it! See that gold locket down there? Along with that black fan, cameo, and floral cameo. There is a couple of necklace charms thrown in there as well that are all contributions from her family members! 

Amazingly enough I found out afterwards that Ms. Jennifer is a wedding planner! She runs a business called Elegantly Chic Events in Falls Church, VA. If you need a wedding planner, you need to look this lady up! She is pretty fantastic! Its ironic her company is called elegantly chic, because thats how i feel about her amazing bouquet!

One day if our paths cross in person, I know i could be friends with this lady! We are way too much alike in our design style and i am so happy she was so very pleased with this bouquet!

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