Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fall and Halloween!

As many other Bloggers out in the blog World are aware it is getting closer to Fall, and Halloween is just one of my favorite times of the year to decorate. For once it is socially acceptable for things to look ghoulish, a little tattered and ghory of course.

I am posting a few pictures of the house all with DIY art's projects and things that were found and put together at the dollar store. I can tell you know that I have no patience to take "in progress" pictures of things. I am always so anxious to see the end products that I forget about taking pictures of how to make things. None the less everything I have made you can find on my Halloween Pinterest Board. They were all ideas taken from other bloggers! 

This is the entry way table of our house. Filled with spooking and awful things. Jar of eyeballs, fingers, and bugs. A handmade mirror with a woman peering back at you. Also some really great subway art!

This is a really cool project, frame plus googley eyes and you get this fun little creation! 
 Here is a wreathe that I made. Tulle in black and white, a dollar store sign, and some spiders from the dollar store. Complete project probably cost around $5 total.

Some pictures of the things in the Entry way. Homemade, you can find the templates on my Pinterest site. The"Boo" banners are on paper fans, with a bat at the beginning and at the end.
This is my dining room table with a little floral centerpiece i put together.
The Mantle set up, yet again you can find this banner as well on my Pinterest. 

Hope you enjoy and find some inspiration! 

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