Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tea Cup Thursday

So I bring to you another Tea Cup Thursday with some more midcentury! Instead of finding pictures online you actually get my pictures! As I get more of my Salem Biscayne pattern in i get more excited. I am also going to show you a pattern that was given to me from my grandma.

This is a Tea Cup set given to my from my Grandmother who found it at a Thrift Store years ago. There are no markings, but they match my kitchen and hold a dear place in my heart.

Now to show off a few of my Salem biscayne pieces and to show you how well these pieces fit with the tea cups i recieved from my grandmother.

Please excuse the ugly cabinets. We are currently in the middle of a redo. Here you see several pices. Sugar, Creamer, Gravy Boat, and Salt and Pepper Shakers.

A picture of everything sitting on the counter. My Biscayne Tea Pot and Glasses

I scored this thing on ebay for $9.99. The person who had it didnt even know what they had. There are similar ones selling for $65 I couldnt bring myself to buy a tea pot for that much.

These amazing glasses are super hard to find. Originally made from Fireking for the salem china company to match the pattern.

This is a stack of Lunch plates, another ebay score. I cant wait to get my big packages in with the FULL SET I found on craigslist in Vermont, yes ladies and gents there is a 70+ piece set being mailed to me. I am amazed and blessed to have found such a great person to be willing enough to do that for me.

Happy Hunting!


  1. These are all so awesome! I want to go have a big tea party now. :)

    Thanks for all your nice comments. Sorry it has taken me so long to follow back. You're great!

  2. I just love your dishes. It's so fun to follow your hunt.

  3. I love these dishes, I have one cup and saucer that I adore in this pattern...I just love the Teapot Its beautiful......Happy Sunday, I'm Janice @ stop by and visit and join me...