Monday, October 3, 2011

What a Great Weekend

Happy Monday to Everyone! Most importantly Happy October. It seems it snuck up on us over the weekend.

What an eventful weekend it was between garage selling, thrift stores and foster duties for the rescue group it seems like there was hardly any time on Sunday to do some cooking and finish up some school work.

On Saturday we had a very successful yard sale, but also picked up our bountiful basket order. Which was huge, I spent $100 but man what a share we got this time. This order consisted of 2 conventional baskets, asian themed pack, 5 loaves of nine grain bread, fall harvest pack, and a 24 pound box of peaches that i am going to freeze for future use. 

 This is just the two conventional baskets, loaves of bread and the Asian pack from this week. It is insane the amount of fruits and veggies we got. The pears are amazing, tons of bananas, bell peppers corn, cantaloupe, and tomato's which I used to make homemade pasta sauce Sunday.
 This is the massive box of peaches, I used these to make some peach cobbler yesterday which ended up being Peaches and Dumplings instead. Oh so good with some Blue Bell home made vanilla icecream! 

This is the fall pack we received, I was very happy with the amount of money I spent on it. There were pumpkins, squash and Indian corn. Now to find some where to decorate with it!

Sunday I spent cooking and doing homework. I managed to make spaghetti sauce, ranch dressing, peach cobbler, and creamed corn. I cooked all of this using fresh ingridients that were in our bountiful baskets.  It is rewarding to have a house smelling so good by the time you are done cooking. I love cooking, but in Texas our houses get way to warm, so fall is the time for us to break out our magic chef hats. 

I leave you with the cooking pictures from over the weekend. I hope everyone is enjoying fall!

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  1. Wow, I can smell it from here. You are amazing to be getting all of that done. I'm sure you'll do something wonderful with all the pumpkins. Happy October!