Friday, October 7, 2011

Welcome To my Kitchen

So my kitchen is one of the biggest rooms in my entire house that needed to be redone. We are slowly tackling projects, but there is a lot that truly needs to be done. I just wanted to share some progress pictures as well as get some opinions about the kitchen as well. 

Here are some before pictures of the kitchen when we had just moved into the house. You can probably understand why it needed some help. 

Before we moved in, the kitchen wasn't exactly the selling point of this house. 

These two pictures are us moving in and making do. Thats all we could do at first, about 6 months later I was done with "making due" and began the process. I am not going to bother you with the during pictures of the mess. Just proceed below to see some "after but not finished" pictures of the kitchen.

 I have a think for the copper jello molds, can you tell? This color was on a Sherwin Williams color pallets for 1950's homes. Needless to say I fell in love with the color, especially in a room that needed to be brightened up.

This is my 1950's dinette table that we do use every day. That ugly hutch is still there we plan on ripping it off of the wall and then finishing the wall like the rest of the kitchen.

We have started to get ready to paint the cabinets. We took the doors off, I personally like the look of more open kitchens, and with only 1 window I feel like i need to bring some brightness to the kitchen. We are talking about finishing the back of the cabinets with bead board instead of the ugly plywood. Opinions?

This is the start of my vintage collection of dishes. Some of these piece came from my grandmother. Others have started to come from auctions and thrift stores. Eventually my cabinets will be filled with vintage goodness and look great! I can see it but can you?

This is a odd cabinet kind of stuck to the left side of the sink, I have not really decided what I want to do with it yet, or what it will be filled with. So for now it is what it is.

This is one of my more organized cabinets. With my vintage dinnerware stuck in there. I really hate the backs of my cabinets, I hope the bead board works. Anyone out there have any bits of inspiration they want to throw my way? 

So what do you think about my kitchen? Its a work in progress, I have a few things left to do. I want to do the floor over in a checkerboard pattern. There is that ugly hutch behind the dinning room table that MUST go. The cabinets need painted, and bead boarded in the back. Finally I want to finish it off with crown molding around the room. Do you think I am on my way? 

Happy Hunting


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    Please do feel most welcome to pop by for a wee visit and 'a cup of cyber tea'..,

    Your kitchen, (even as a work in progress), is darling; I think you've done a marvelous job. I especially like that you've opened up the cabinet doors. I love that look, and it's practical too.

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  2. Re: Cabinet backs.

    Beadboard sounds hard...and expensive...especially if you goof up a couple of times with fitting. Not entirely sure what your plan is though, are you considering pulling the cabs down and removing the particle board or just cutting and fitting the beadboard inside the cabinets?

    Have you considered contact paper or wallpaper? You get tons and tons of options, it's a LOT cheaper and if you get a few done and realize it doesn't look good you can easily change it without much loss!

  3. PS...

    Looks like we collect a lot of the same vintage dishware! I see Biscayne (LOVE the teapot!) and Blue Heaven in there. Around here (St. Louis Mo) Biscayne is very common, how abouts where you are?