Thursday, June 14, 2012

Angry Birday Party! Robert turns 7!

Hello Everyone! I decided to share some of the Angry Bird Party pictures from my recent 7 year olds birthday party! All of the decorations were made by me or bought from Etsy.

It seems like every where you turned in my house there was balloons, or streamers. I had a friend create the angry birds cake and cupcakes, and then my little sister made some cake balls for her nephew. Stayed with the primary colors throughout the house, tons of paper mache pigs every where! Those took a while to make. I also had golden eggs hidden all around the yard. 

 My now 7 year old enjoyed it, I was trying to figure out the appropriate age at which it is ok to just drop your son off at a birthday party, so I let all of the parents leave their kids and suggested they go get pedicures, or have some time to themselves! It worked out really well, we didnt have any problems with any of the kids! 

In the backyard is where the kids stayed mostly, a slip and slide, a water slide, and a little swimming pool. Along with all of that we had an angry birds crash course with water balloons! We built it out of boxes, and my paper mache pigs became obliterated!

Happy Birthday to my now 7 year old Robert, oh where does the time seem to go? 

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  1. It looks like everyone is having such a fun time, most of all your big 7 year old. They sure do grow up fast. I'll never forget the first time all the parents dropped off their kids and we were left with a house full of rambunctious kids...the stairs were the scary part!!