Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Louis Blue Vanity

Of course just like everyone, you are too excited about a project to take a really good before photo of it before you start slapping on some paint. Then halfway through you realize oh... I forgot to take a before picture "DOH". 

So here is the Vanity in our booth, it has been sitting in our booth for a good 6 months and hasn't sold yet like it was. I guess no one wanted to appreciate the original Hollywood regency style wood grain beautifullness.

So My mom and I decided to take a few pieces out of the booth and paint them, this was one of them because our other vanity has a matching wardrobe. I decided to take the color Louis Blue to it.

We are getting there, I am starting to like it in this picture, but I was very worried about the drawers, they seem to have some "raised" spots in them that I need to fix. 

Here it is with the original hardware back on it, you cant see the bubbling in the drawers I need to fix. But here is my next question... I was thinking about painting a design on it, but I am not sure what i should go with. Do you have any suggestions? At first I thought maybe some cherry blossoms? 

What would you do ?

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  1. Already it's looking much better with a fresh coat of paint on it. I'm thinking of something real simple because it already has beautiful bones you don't want to distract from. I'm sure it will fly out of your booth. Can't see the bubbling so it's hard to tell how bad it is.