Monday, April 9, 2012

Ikea drab, to DIY Fab

 Hello Everyone! Hopefully everything is settling down for a bit, we have been constantly going, it seems like I always have a test to take, a place to take the kid, or just something crazy going on around the house. 

This Saturday we were blessed with the help of some friends, we managed to put up a massive play set that was given to us by a lovely couple in another town. It now takes up a large corner in my backyard. 

We also got these friends to help us dig up the front yard, because unfortunately the front water pipe in our yard needs completely replaced. So we got these friends to trench up the front yard, about 20 feet of yard about 2 feet deep. Yet again we are blessed with great friends. 

A coupled weeks ago i picked up this Ikea coffee table, got a deal on it for $25. This table had absolutely no contrast, and was just kind of "bleh".

One of the good things about ikea though is that some of their products are made of real wood, this table was scratched all over the top, and left little to draw the eye.

 While this isn't the best picture i sanded down the top and took some further distressing to it. I waxed it with Annies dark wax, and painted the bottom of it with Paris Grey. Just the perfect amount of contrast for me! Then that is my Wuslu steal of the American Tea company bamboo rug. 

I hope everyone had a great Easter, I know we enjoyed time with family and friends. Started watching a new show, Game of Thrones, anyone else seen it? If you are a fan of mid-evil and crazy stories its definitely one to consider!


  1. Hi Goldie, thanks for stopping by, I'm so enjoying the shelves! I'm following you now too:)

  2. Great job missy! You are so talented and it's always fun to see what you do.
    Happy Spring.