Friday, April 6, 2012

Texas Tornados

My Husband and I went after work to Arlington to help a friend of ours that lives in one of the harder hit neighborhoods of the tornados that came through on Tuesday. They say this one was a 2.

We helped a family with 5 kids’ move all of their belongings out of their crumbling home and into a store unit yesterday. They lived on the street that was right in the path of the tornado. I felt very humbled that this family let us help them. While we were there the channel 4 news crew showed up to interview the father of the family. When we asked if he would help us he told us “I can’t I’m injured” as he showed us his broken pinky finger. Needless to say after a few choice words he put down the microphone and the camera man put down the camera and they helped load the truck.

I just thought I would share some pictures with you guys. We are blessed we didn’t get any damage up north, but I feel for these people. If you can help out I am sure they would appreciate it. In fact bowie high school’s football team was there with us. 
This is the house we helped with.

 And their backyard, which was the path of the tornado

No Happy Hunting, but be blessed, and bless others as much as you can! 

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