Monday, August 22, 2011

Another Bedroom Post

 So Many of you may not know what I do on the side, or that I own 2 very nice SLR's which I hate getting out just because of their pure bulkiness. I decided though last night to fool around with them though and take pictures of the bedroom progress. It still isn't completed but there are some nice touches in there. 
Here are the blue Ball mason jars I scored from an auction. Place very nicely on top of my jewelry box. 

 A picture of the Doves I picked up from Colorado Lady. The 4 of them fit very nicely on this white little shelf. There is a great story behind them as well. Maybe the lady who originally had these in her wedding would be happy to know they were incorporated into mine as well. 

 Here are a couple of pictures of the salvaged lamp that sits on my bedside! This lamp was sitting in the trash for bulk pickup. It was in pieces. I figured I would give it a try, if anything I could use the little crystals on it for something. When I brought it home, it got rewired and screwed all together. I believe it is a beautiful piece and love having it next to my bedside. 

 Another incorporation of wedding things. I picked these beauties up off of etsy, and just love the rustic look to them with the beautiful rose ball on top. It adds a bit more color to the room. 

 A picture of the wall on my side of the room, with all of the things I have been picking up to put up. Most of this stuff has been painted.
 Another shot of the jewelry box I painted with some Old Fashioned Milk Paint. I really like the contrast of the white and blue walls. 

 The Bed Spread, I still feel very blah about the bed. I have an old window I am planning on hanging over the bed, just haven't had a opportunity to figure out how to hang it yet.

 My Side Table. 

 This is inbetween the window on my husbands side of the bed. There is a mirror that is undergoing a painting project that will hang right above it. You see my two cameo girls head vases and a mason jar full of goodies all from the wedding.

This is finally Barretts side of the bed. I am still not sure how I convinced him to have such a girly bedroom, but I am truly loving how it is all coming together, and cant wait to find more things for it!


  1. Great pictures and fabulous finds!! Of course, I love that bouquet. The lampshade casts such a pretty pattern on your wall, very nice.