Thursday, August 11, 2011

Milk Paint and More Wedding

Well Hello everyone! Missed the blog post for yesterday, but did some very neat things! 
Went to the store and got a few bags of Old Fashioned Milk Paint. Bought three colors, pitch black, pure white, and slate. I have a few things around the house that I wanted to paint. When i read on a fellow bloggers website that you didnt have to prime or sand what you are painting I thought what the heck! This is the best thing since sliced bread! So a few projects were started last night for the bedroom. Let me just let you know that this is some of the most awesome paint I have painted with, and I may try painting the cabinet in the laundry room to see if it will work on those as well! 

A few more pictures appeared yesterday from the wedding. Thought I would share them again! 

This is my side of the family, my Mom, Dad, My Sisters, and My Family! Whats funny is this is the first family picture of us probably since the early 90's! 

 Another fun and funky picture of the shoe's! I love this one just because the speed limit 98 is in there! Its very much my style!
  A picture of us telling our vows, funny thing is our ceremony was only 5 minutes long and everyone stood the entire time!
This one is staring out of the church stained glass! 

 Just having a moment with friends and family. Check out the awesome fascniator and amazing hair! Because of everything being so awesome we decided at the last minute to forgo the veil!

I cant wait to show off pictures of the reception and decoration, thats really what I am looking forward to!

On a side note, check out the giveaway over on Dreamy Whites 

$200 to spend in her store! Oh how I love her things over there! She is very creative and I love tons of her things, one of them would be the blue hutch! She is very artistic! 


  1. Hi Goldie!! Sorry I did not see your comment till today I see you got some milk paint!! I am sending you and email. Love the blog! and I am a big dreamywhites fan! I am so tickled to have found your blog!

  2. I don't see a link to email you? Sorry the awesome store in Mckinney that sells AS Chalkpaint is Smitten on Louisianna AVE in the heart of old MCkinney. LadyButterbug is the one who sells there she has a blog and can also ship flat rate, there are other ladies at pickers that want some maybe we can all ride together for a paint pickup and lunch soon?? Let me know what you think about the milkpaint!!
    so glad to have found your blog!

  3. Awesome photos, LOVED the wedding bouquet you made, How cool is that!
    Hugs Lynn