Monday, August 8, 2011

Been a while.... Update on bedroom.

Hello Bloggers, with the wedding out of the way its time to get back into the motion of the decor / vintage! I read all of these different blogs and see the different things that are posted every day and I just wanted to run home and start doing things. Unfortunately by the time I get off work and get the many things I need to accomplish every day it just seems like there isn't any time to do the things I want to do. I have yards of upholstery fabric just sitting waiting for some sewing.

There are so many projects laying around the house to do, its crazy sometimes. Currently my focus is on completing the bedroom. I would really like to pull it all together. I am looking for a long dresser for the bedroom. If i can find one that is black then it would save me some time, or just one with some good lines. The bedroom theme is going to be a baroque style pattern with a light shade of blue thrown in.

This is the bedset I purchased for the room after a horrible run in with the one from Target. 

This is the current state of the bedroom. Please excuse Roberts jumping on the bed.
I must say that the bed set isn't as full as i expected it to be but i really like it. I have the side tables going now that I purchased at the Justin Trading Post. White side is mine, black side is Barretts. The plan is to find an old wood window in a white color to hang over the bed. Also planning on painting the walls the same shade of blue that the bedsheets are. I have several shelves and Wall things that will need to be painted. I am going to put milk glass and old blue mason jars on the shelves in the room.

A special spot in this room will be in between the two windows. This is a mock up of how it will look. The mirror and shelf still need to be painted. It leaves the perfect spot for the bouquet to sit.

After getting the bedroom completed it will be on to the task of the bathroom, which is going to be a huge remodel effort.

Until Later!

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