Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Auction Finds

So we discovered a few things last night while going through the auction finds. One of the first things that we discovered was about an entertainment center that we bought. Barrett went to move it out of the truck and noticed that it was Henredon. I had no clue who that was, so without further ado I let my Mom know. Soon she called me and told me to stick it in the garage. Apparently we scored pretty big on this set, it’s worth way more then we paid for it, and it would have been a shame had we of taken paint to it.

Another thing that we picked up at the auction was this Sears stereo console. This console has a radio, an 8 track player, and a record player inside of it. Surprisingly all of the different things function just fine. Last night waiting for my parents to come over and help move this furniture around Barrett and I plugged it in and listened to some old Merle Haggard and Elvis Presley.

We picked up several other things at this auction, one of the pieces we got was a box of Military newspapers from the 1940s. These were very interesting to look at especially during war times. 
  Here are a couple of different pictures from a couple of the news papers. The first is declaring that Hitler is dead and that Germany has officially drawn out of the war. Its a very interesting article. The second is a ad for Oldsmobile who apparently made the tanks.

I am still waiting on more pictures from the photographer on the wedding. Eventually I will post that, also this weekend I will work on a tutorial for the Brooch Bouquet much like the one that I made for my own wedding. Just another day looking for inspiration and dreaming of all the things I get to do when I get home!


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  1. Looks like you have a real nice entertainment center...love all the storage and I'm sure you'll be happy with the good quality. How fun to have those old records and a working turntable to play them on...I really miss that.