Monday, August 8, 2011

Wedding Post

Also wanted to leave you at least with one post from the wedding. It was exciting and everything I could dream of! Wish I could have had more time to spend with family and friends. We are also very thankful for everyone that drove down. Now to show off a few goodies.

You may now kiss the Bride! 

The most epic of epic wedding shoe's ever. Funny thing is I bought them the day of the wedding! 

The most awesome bouquet made by yours truely! This will probably be one of my favorite pictures from the wedding! 

Finally the number one man in my life! 
Let me know if you want a tutorial on the brooch bouquet and I will start to work on one! 



  1. I have been wondering about you!!! I could not remember the date of your wedding....Oh, your bouquet turned out amazing!!! And those shoes.....oh, perfection!!!

    I hope you post more pics as you get them!! I am glad all worked the way you wanted it too! You were a stunning bride!

    And....go ahead and post how you made your bouquet when you get the chance....I'd love to see the tutorial on yours!!

    Congratulations!! I am so glad your wedding was all you wanted it to be!!!

  2. What beautiful pictures, especially the one of you and your sweet son. I think that has to be the most creative bouquet I've ever seen. Best of all, you'll have it forever. Where will you display it? I'd love to see the tutorial.

  3. What an immensely gorgeous wedding! I love every last little vintage-tastically wonderful detail. Happiest congrats, sweet dear!!!

    Many thanks, too, for your lovely comment over at Chronically Vintage today, I sincerely appreciate it.

    Tons of hugs & cheerful Wednesday wishes,

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