Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tea Cup Thursday : More Auction Finds

Hello Everyone! Welcome to another Tea Cup Thursday! Hosted by Mrs. Spencer

Just sharing a few more auction finds, that have not been delivered to the house yet! 

Since gold is shooting out the roof with its prices, how about I share some gold tea cups with you? 

Below this is a Tea Cup from Germany, Handpainted. There is so much gold on this cup it makes me wonder!

This one below stands out to me, also painted in a gold outline. It just screams fall which we down here in hot 106 degree weather are praying comes sooner then later. All of the leaves from my trees are falling to the ground already, but its just to hot to get out there and rake! 

Soon I will religiously pick up my SLR and take much better pictures of things for the postings, but since these arent even here yet i figure the stock photos are ok to post! Until we meet again!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Another Bedroom Post

 So Many of you may not know what I do on the side, or that I own 2 very nice SLR's which I hate getting out just because of their pure bulkiness. I decided though last night to fool around with them though and take pictures of the bedroom progress. It still isn't completed but there are some nice touches in there. 
Here are the blue Ball mason jars I scored from an auction. Place very nicely on top of my jewelry box. 

 A picture of the Doves I picked up from Colorado Lady. The 4 of them fit very nicely on this white little shelf. There is a great story behind them as well. Maybe the lady who originally had these in her wedding would be happy to know they were incorporated into mine as well. 

 Here are a couple of pictures of the salvaged lamp that sits on my bedside! This lamp was sitting in the trash for bulk pickup. It was in pieces. I figured I would give it a try, if anything I could use the little crystals on it for something. When I brought it home, it got rewired and screwed all together. I believe it is a beautiful piece and love having it next to my bedside. 

 Another incorporation of wedding things. I picked these beauties up off of etsy, and just love the rustic look to them with the beautiful rose ball on top. It adds a bit more color to the room. 

 A picture of the wall on my side of the room, with all of the things I have been picking up to put up. Most of this stuff has been painted.
 Another shot of the jewelry box I painted with some Old Fashioned Milk Paint. I really like the contrast of the white and blue walls. 

 The Bed Spread, I still feel very blah about the bed. I have an old window I am planning on hanging over the bed, just haven't had a opportunity to figure out how to hang it yet.

 My Side Table. 

 This is inbetween the window on my husbands side of the bed. There is a mirror that is undergoing a painting project that will hang right above it. You see my two cameo girls head vases and a mason jar full of goodies all from the wedding.

This is finally Barretts side of the bed. I am still not sure how I convinced him to have such a girly bedroom, but I am truly loving how it is all coming together, and cant wait to find more things for it!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tea Cup Thursday

I do not know much about tea cups, and tea pots. Recently though I have become very interested in just how pretty they are. A simple tea cup placed the right way can really make a very nice piece of decoration.  One of the best places I have found for tea cups recently has been from Auction houses. Last night when we came home there was a big package waiting for me on the porch! Once opened I realized these were some auction finds! 

First up is this beautiful gold footed tea cup and saucer. I don’t know much about it, the only identifying marks on it are E-3005. Can anyone out there tell me anything about it? 

Next up I scored this Royal Halsey set, very pretty. Although the cup wasn’t in the packaging, I am hoping the auctioneer still has it and will mail it to me. 

Then I got this floral patterned set. I love the colors on this one; they remind me of springtime and fun! 

One of the cuter things I got was from this lot, with the tiny tea cup, still not sure what I will do with it. I just couldn’t pass up this treasure! In fact the larger cup on the right is bone china!

I also managed to get these two lots of bone china. One of them is Staffordshire and the other is Royal Stafford. I love the colors of the pink and white one; in fact the cup itself reminds me of a tulip! 

The last thing I want to mention from this auction is the great lot of mason jars that I somehow bought for a whopping $1. I have always loved the blue mason jars, but I can’t imagine myself paying $10 for just one at the antique stores. So I got three of them for $1. The clear glass didn’t make the trip, it ended up broken.

Overall I am very much in love with the lots I managed to get! I also got a few other things an Avon vase, and some candlestick holders.  I am not sure what I am going to do with the tea cups, if they will go in the booth or if I will somehow incorporate them in my house!

I am going to try my first attempt at linking with some one! Mrs. Spencers Tea  Cup Thursdays

Monday, August 15, 2011


Wow, what a busy weekend that was. In between auctions and setting a crib up for a friend I managed to tackle the paint on the walls in the bedroom. I also managed to paint a couple of pieces of furniture for the bedroom.

This is what the bedroom looked like after we painted it when we moved in. I was into the whole animal print thing. The dark wall was probably the thing that killed it the most for me. Old 80's ceiling fan that was missing a lamp shade. Ugly thick white curtain rod's. This was ok though since we had just moved in.
Now for the halfway reveal. Still working on several things. I am looking for a old wooden window for over the bed. Looking for more shelves, and knick nacks to throw into the room. I have to finish painting the mirror. I also need to find a long dresser. I had Sherwin Williams paint match the sheets on my bed and I think they did a pretty good job at it!

Here is one of the things that I painted over the weekend. This is a cheap jewelry box that I have had for years. I have never really liked the finish on it. I took some pure white old fashioned milk paint and went after it. What do you think? I do not think I will distress it at all. 



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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Milk Paint and More Wedding

Well Hello everyone! Missed the blog post for yesterday, but did some very neat things! 
Went to the store and got a few bags of Old Fashioned Milk Paint. Bought three colors, pitch black, pure white, and slate. I have a few things around the house that I wanted to paint. When i read on a fellow bloggers website that you didnt have to prime or sand what you are painting I thought what the heck! This is the best thing since sliced bread! So a few projects were started last night for the bedroom. Let me just let you know that this is some of the most awesome paint I have painted with, and I may try painting the cabinet in the laundry room to see if it will work on those as well! 

A few more pictures appeared yesterday from the wedding. Thought I would share them again! 

This is my side of the family, my Mom, Dad, My Sisters, and My Family! Whats funny is this is the first family picture of us probably since the early 90's! 

 Another fun and funky picture of the shoe's! I love this one just because the speed limit 98 is in there! Its very much my style!
  A picture of us telling our vows, funny thing is our ceremony was only 5 minutes long and everyone stood the entire time!
This one is staring out of the church stained glass! 

 Just having a moment with friends and family. Check out the awesome fascniator and amazing hair! Because of everything being so awesome we decided at the last minute to forgo the veil!

I cant wait to show off pictures of the reception and decoration, thats really what I am looking forward to!

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$200 to spend in her store! Oh how I love her things over there! She is very creative and I love tons of her things, one of them would be the blue hutch! She is very artistic! 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Check out the Giveaway

Check out the giveaway over  on 6 Sisters blog! I know everyone including myself could use some digital scrap booking software!

Auction Finds

So we discovered a few things last night while going through the auction finds. One of the first things that we discovered was about an entertainment center that we bought. Barrett went to move it out of the truck and noticed that it was Henredon. I had no clue who that was, so without further ado I let my Mom know. Soon she called me and told me to stick it in the garage. Apparently we scored pretty big on this set, it’s worth way more then we paid for it, and it would have been a shame had we of taken paint to it.

Another thing that we picked up at the auction was this Sears stereo console. This console has a radio, an 8 track player, and a record player inside of it. Surprisingly all of the different things function just fine. Last night waiting for my parents to come over and help move this furniture around Barrett and I plugged it in and listened to some old Merle Haggard and Elvis Presley.

We picked up several other things at this auction, one of the pieces we got was a box of Military newspapers from the 1940s. These were very interesting to look at especially during war times. 
  Here are a couple of different pictures from a couple of the news papers. The first is declaring that Hitler is dead and that Germany has officially drawn out of the war. Its a very interesting article. The second is a ad for Oldsmobile who apparently made the tanks.

I am still waiting on more pictures from the photographer on the wedding. Eventually I will post that, also this weekend I will work on a tutorial for the Brooch Bouquet much like the one that I made for my own wedding. Just another day looking for inspiration and dreaming of all the things I get to do when I get home!


Monday, August 8, 2011

Wedding Post

Also wanted to leave you at least with one post from the wedding. It was exciting and everything I could dream of! Wish I could have had more time to spend with family and friends. We are also very thankful for everyone that drove down. Now to show off a few goodies.

You may now kiss the Bride! 

The most epic of epic wedding shoe's ever. Funny thing is I bought them the day of the wedding! 

The most awesome bouquet made by yours truely! This will probably be one of my favorite pictures from the wedding! 

Finally the number one man in my life! 
Let me know if you want a tutorial on the brooch bouquet and I will start to work on one! 


Been a while.... Update on bedroom.

Hello Bloggers, with the wedding out of the way its time to get back into the motion of the decor / vintage! I read all of these different blogs and see the different things that are posted every day and I just wanted to run home and start doing things. Unfortunately by the time I get off work and get the many things I need to accomplish every day it just seems like there isn't any time to do the things I want to do. I have yards of upholstery fabric just sitting waiting for some sewing.

There are so many projects laying around the house to do, its crazy sometimes. Currently my focus is on completing the bedroom. I would really like to pull it all together. I am looking for a long dresser for the bedroom. If i can find one that is black then it would save me some time, or just one with some good lines. The bedroom theme is going to be a baroque style pattern with a light shade of blue thrown in.

This is the bedset I purchased for the room after a horrible run in with the one from Target. 

This is the current state of the bedroom. Please excuse Roberts jumping on the bed.
I must say that the bed set isn't as full as i expected it to be but i really like it. I have the side tables going now that I purchased at the Justin Trading Post. White side is mine, black side is Barretts. The plan is to find an old wood window in a white color to hang over the bed. Also planning on painting the walls the same shade of blue that the bedsheets are. I have several shelves and Wall things that will need to be painted. I am going to put milk glass and old blue mason jars on the shelves in the room.

A special spot in this room will be in between the two windows. This is a mock up of how it will look. The mirror and shelf still need to be painted. It leaves the perfect spot for the bouquet to sit.

After getting the bedroom completed it will be on to the task of the bathroom, which is going to be a huge remodel effort.

Until Later!