Monday, May 9, 2011

 Happy Belated Mothers Day To Everyone! What a busy weekend it was for me, managing to get some stuff knocked out for the wedding, cleaned the house super style for Roberts Birthday party! I also got to see some family that came down from Lake Texomah.

Sunday morning I was laying in bed, it was about 9:00 am and I hear little step's from Robert as he crawled in between us. He gave me a hug, and then had a moment. He ran from the bedroom and came back a few seconds later with two homemade Mothers Day cards. He gave me a hug and a kiss and said "Happy Mothers Day I Love You". What more could a mother ask for?

These are some of the treasures I acquired this weekend from The Colorado Lady. She happened to do a Vintage themed wedding showered, and I was inspired to bring this shower's happenings to the wedding. More to come later. 

Another stash I got from the Colorado Lady, she did a very neat thing with these! 

I also hit up several yard sales and thrift stores, I will have to get the photos uploaded for an awesome post later. 


Friday, May 6, 2011

South Dakota things that migrated to North Texas

Fortunately I have an amazing mother, without her I don’t know where I would be. She thinks about me often, and especially thinks about me when she hits up a thrift store. Last year we lost a family member, my mother drove my grandmother, uncle, and aunt from North Texas to South Dakota.

While there, they hit up a few thrift stores, she kept me in mind while hunting for things to add to her vintage hat collection. Here are a few finds she discovered for me! 

 This soap dispenser is just to die for. Probably something out of the 70's or 80's it adds a nice little touch to my kitchen, and makes the soap a little more accessible.

 This is a very nice salt and pepper set, with what I think seems to be another container for creamer.Housed all in a cute little wheelbarrow. My mother said that her grandparents used to have one just like this. Now it sits in the window seal in my kitchen.

This is one of the cooler vintage things I own. This also made the trip back down to Texas. So many people just don't understand the integrity that these old appliances had. To think that your modern day blender you have to replace every couple of years, and yet this one is 40 years old. It has its own spot on my counter top and it gets used often! 
This is a really cool cork board that made its way down highway 35. It now hangs on one of my kitchen doors and houses photos that I have picked up over various garage sales of the ladies of the 1950's. I cant stand when people throw out pictures of their past so maybe I can take a moment and treasure these things!


So I figured in an attempt to work on writing, and to get off of face book I would try to write a vintage blog. Hopefully you will find this blog inspiring; I imagine that a lot of it will start off with wedding associated things, because that is where my mind is currently.

I am 20 something stuck in the wrong decade. I have been told I have an old soul. I have an appreciation for anything old. Everything has a story and I would love to hear them. I am inspired by the patterns that used to exist in a “simpler” time.

Another inspiring thing to me would be taking something and making it into something it is not suppose to be. This is known as repurposing. I have projects laying all around my house, and maybe I can showcase some of them through this blog and inspire you like others have inspired me to do.

 I look forward to this Journey and I leave you with my latest find!