Thursday, February 16, 2012

Odd's and Sod's

Odd's and Sod's

Thats the name of our booth inside of the Justin trading post, where a lot of stuff has been going on lately! We have stocked the booth's to the brim with fun vintage finds, and you should make your way over there this weekend for a 30% off booth wide event that we are having.

We have a large stock of vintage suitcases to fit your crafting needs, tons of vintage linens, tea cup and saucer sets, pyrex... anything you can think of we probably have it in our very Vintique booth! 

 Surely we have a teacup that will fit your style, or maybe some old milk glass pieces? 

 This is the last set of canisters with the western flare to them that we have to offer, this one has a boot style topper on it ! 


 What did I tell you? Packed to the brim, and we need stuff moved along so that we can bring in new merchandise! 

Check out our facebook page over here so you can stay up to date on specials we are having!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Busy Little Bee!

Yes, that's what I have been!  A Very busy little bee! School started again for the spring semester, so I have had my nose shoved into a book! It is crazy, while working full time, maintaining a household with a husband, a kid, and 4 fur babies I am still taking a full time course load! 13 hours! And 3 math based classes, who am i kidding? 

Often times people think I am this woman! 
 In Reality... this is who I really feel like! 

Just thought I would share, now its back to shoving my nose  into books for my four classes.
Business Communications
College Algebra
Statistics in Physcology
Business Accounting
One day I know the pay off will be great, but often times I wonder how much more of this I can really take! Anyone else out there feel my pain? What do you do to help you keep sane?