Thursday, March 29, 2012


One of the few things in life that actually urk me is people and excessive pinning on Pinterest. 
There are so many users, and rather then pinning something new, they just repin crap they have found. They never click on the original source to see if its even valid. When i pin or even repin I make sure i can find the original source. .

I also actually do the things I pin and dont put them in a album just to say "oh I found that on Pinterest once." 
With that aside, here is a couple of projects I have accomplished with Pinterest lately. 

Here is my version : 

Here is another thing that is great, it saves you time and money, and you know whats in the products you are using! 

If you try anything on Pinterest to the homemade effect... make the dishwasher soap! It works better then the $5 boxes of crud you get from the grocery store. Total cost for this project is right around $13. When i run out of laundry soap from couponing i am going to make my own laundry soap as well from a similar recipe! 

Here are a couple of other projects i have been working on lately. 

My 6 year old is having a angry birds 7th birthday party, of course gotta break out the DIY decorations! 

$1 Lantern from the Dollar Tree plus the pig cut out from the Angry Birds Party Theme on The Party Animal.

These heads were inspired by Betsy over at My Salvaged Treasures she has several mannequins she has covered in vintage patterns to give them style when showcasing her jewelry. Hers look much better than mine do!  All you need is modge podge, an old pattern and some Styrofoam heads!

Well thats all i have to share now, hope you find some inspiration! 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Cannon Family

I was given another opportunity recently to photograph a very sweet nice family. The cannon family recently got married in October, these were the first family pictures that they have taken together!

Congratulations to this beautiful family, and thank you for letting me document a small moment in your lives! 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bridals at the Ft Worth Water Gardens!

I have been pretty busy lately, several photo shoots have happened over the past few weeks including a set I did last week at the Ft Worth water gardens i wanted to share with you! 

This is Alisha, and she is getting Married on May 26, 2012 to her high school sweet heart Jordan.