Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Dianna's Bouquet

My oldest sister got married! Its been a long time coming and everyone in the family was gratefully happy that after all of these years they were finally going to seal the deal! 

Her wedding took place at our Aunt and Uncles Lake House, for right now I am just going to post a few pictures of the bouquets etc, but later you will see more about this amazing wedding! 

The wedding themed was Teal, and Black, no real theme just the right colors! 

We had a bridal shower for her, and all of our friends and family brought her a brooch to put into her bouquet. I then took the brooches home and put it together for her! I cant tell you how honored I was to be able to do this for my sister! 

You see that feathery looking thing? That was a brooch that was made for her by a friend out of Monster Tabs and Bud Light beer tabs. It was the ultimate redneck brooch out there, and was perfect for my sister and this wedding! 


Her and her Husband, and yes those hands belong to me ;)

Here is a rare thing, me with one of my brides, well she is my sister and I was in the wedding. Isnt she just stunning? And the Lake was the perfect color of blue. It was such a pretty wedding, and I hope to share more with you later! 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Jennifer's Bouquet Revisited

Im sure everyone loves seeing all of these pretty bouquets, so when i am given then chance to i like to revisit them after their wedding. Jennifer is a wedding planner out of Northern Virginia. She is pretty fantastic, and threw one of the coolest weddings I think I have seen in a while! 

I did her bouquet, that was a vintage glamor inspired bouquet! I had so much fun working with this stunning lady, and i am so happy that she lets me stalk her over on Facebook!

See the post about her bouquet originally here Jennifer's Bouquet


Check out Jennifer's Wedding Planning Business here 

Photo Credit Goes to 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bumblebee Cuff Count Down to 100 Giveaway!

Over the next several weeks I anticipate giving away a bunch of things over here on my blogger to celebrate reaching 100 blog posts! So get ready to follow, and get ready to enter like crazy! 

Next giveaway up is from my great friend and local artisan The Sassy Ginger.  It is a shabby bumble bee cuff with burnt orange dupioni silk accent and a reclaimed pewter button.

This lady makes some of the coolest bracelets, she actually made one for me recently! 

5 ways to enter! 

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Good Luck Giveaway will Close on May 25 at 8:00 Pm CST! 

Denim Mini Album Count down to 100 Giveaway!

Over the next several weeks I anticipate giving away a bunch of things over here on my blogger to celebrate reaching 100 blog posts! So get ready to follow, and get ready to enter like crazy!

First up on the list is this awesome Denim Mini album that is from R-Bug Creations! Check it out! 

5 ways to enter! 

To Enter the Giveaway:
1. Follow The Vintage on Blogger Post a Comment that you did!

2. Follow The Vintage Texan on Facebook Comment that you did! 

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Good Luck Giveaway will Close on May 23 at 8:00 Pm CST! 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Caitlins Rustic not Redneck Baby Shower!

I had the opportunity to host a very special shower for my friend having her first baby! I had talked to her about her shower theme, and what she wanted to do. She isn't big on games or stupid tiddly stuff, she is more of a hanging out kind of gal!

So we rented out a space at the Classy Cactus Antique Mall in Justin Texas and had it in the Tumbleweed Tea Room where she catered the lunch for us! 

Chicken Fajitas were delicious! 

Table settings were simple, we used bandannas and things from around the antique mall :)

Little boots

And old rusty horseshoes Paired with Blue Ball jars

Simple decorating, the Tea Room has such a great flair to it already!

Favor and idea table! At this table we had the favors as well as the make your own onesies. Guests could choose from ironing on a applique or drawing on the onesies with fabric markers!

This is a cute little simple diaper cake that i put together for her! She was actually with me when we went and bought the animals from Ikea!

Shower favors were done in little berry baskets! Each favor had some sweets in it! Cookies and puppy chow or a Oreo :)

The cake table! Cupcakes were eaten by the guests and Caitlin

The super cute baby cake that Kittys Bakery did for me! They are in the Justin area, and if you are looking for a cute cake for any occasion you should check them out.

The massive amount of guests in the room!

The beautiful mother to be opening her presents! I hope you enjoyed a sneak peak of the baby shower that I did for Ms Caitlin.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Jennifer's Bouquet

 I thought i would share with you a brooch bouquet I did recently for a client. She asked if we could do, white, black, silver and gold toned brooches in her bouquet. I knew i could create a beautiful masterpiece for her!

In our emailing back in forth she told me, "not to much black, I need to remember this is a wedding not a funeral"

So the entire time I was working on this gorgeous bouquet that was in the back of my head! This isn't a funeral Jen don't put more black in there than what she is asking! 

 Then she threw the curve ball at me when she asked me to wrap the handle in black ;) 

I guess you could say that her handle is the bit of rebellion she was looking for in her bouquet!

What is awesome about this bouquet is the things she sent to me to add into it! See that gold locket down there? Along with that black fan, cameo, and floral cameo. There is a couple of necklace charms thrown in there as well that are all contributions from her family members! 

Amazingly enough I found out afterwards that Ms. Jennifer is a wedding planner! She runs a business called Elegantly Chic Events in Falls Church, VA. If you need a wedding planner, you need to look this lady up! She is pretty fantastic! Its ironic her company is called elegantly chic, because thats how i feel about her amazing bouquet!

One day if our paths cross in person, I know i could be friends with this lady! We are way too much alike in our design style and i am so happy she was so very pleased with this bouquet!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sexy Pure White Legs!

This is a project I didn't expect to keep, but none the less it stayed in my humble house because of its pure awesomeness! I picked up this table from a friend who is always on the lookout for furniture for me! She is a very dear friend, and knows exactly what I am looking for when it comes to furniture!

Overall I don't know if this is meant to be a side table in a living room or a bedroom, but the size of it is pretty darn awesome.

Here is before the hardware, I wasn't sure if i wanted to do anything to the hardware yet. I am not a huge fan of distressing the sides of things, but for some reason this piece just screamed at me to distress it! This is painted in Annie Sloan's pure white, it has really been my color lately!

Finally here is the reason I kept it! Look how great it turned out with the lamp, and all staged all fancy and what not! It looks absolutely perfect in my house, and it had a close match to a mate to go with it! Now I have two end tables in my house i painted, and aren't cheap particle board, and are something that i can be proud of!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Frenchy goes to Provence!

Hello Bloggers out in the world! Sorry I have been away, but i have been preparing for so many different things! I went to my first antique show and decided that my mom and I were going to try our hand at selling the antiques ourselves! So off to the shop we go in July. 

I just wanted to share with you one of my new projects!

This dresser was given to me by a friend, and boy did this baby need a face lift pretty quickly! I was also give its mate in a long 6 drawer dresser! It had some issues with cosmetics, but off I went to get my wood putty! I filled in all of the holes, and curved a new bottom where a dog seemed to have chewed a little!

 This is a during picture, after I put the first coats of the base paint on i felt like i couldn't leave it like that it needed more! So off to free handing I go with a little paint brush and some of Annie's Pure white! I did the details really well, but when i got to the drawers i sort of failed... this is when i learned a very valuable lesson!

 You mean if I tape off the drawers the lines will actually look good? Yes I wear the hat shamelessly of just wanting to get this project done after all it took me all day to work with! So ladies and gents, use that fancy painters tape and get to work! Your lines are going to look so much better, and your customers are going to love you for it!

Finally after quite a few hours of work here she is! Isn't she a beauty? I decided no distressing, sometimes those people are a little much with sanding down the sides of things so I didn't want to touch this gal! I did try a new wax for her, min wax instead of Annie's, and I kind of like it a little bit more! I have used it on a few other pieces that I finished up over the weekend! 

Well here I go, I promise to post some more! I have bouquets to show off to you as well as other little projects that are going on! Maybe even a upholstery how to is coming up! Stay tuned my friends! 

Friday, February 8, 2013

Lucketts Green goes French!

 There is a very awesome lady I have met in my travels of furniture! We have helped her out, and she has helped me out! The neighborly thing to do! Here in my very small town stuff like being rude gets around fast.

She needed help moving some furniture from a house in another town, so in return of my manly man helping her I was given this French Provincial Desk. It had some issues with the legs, which may husband fixed with our almighty Kreg pocket kit :)

It has been sitting in my house for a few weeks now, I didn't know what I should do with it, or the color I would go with. I had a few boxes of Miss Mustard Seeds paint that I didn't want to open after a bad experience the first time.

Alas, I decided to give her paint another try, and here is my version of Lucketts green! This is what Lucketts would look like if it went to France I feel :)

I just love the color on this desk, and the perfect color of the naturally oxidized handles were a plus for me! I hope you enjoyed the desk as much as I do! Now the struggle on whether or not I am going to keep it!