Friday, November 30, 2012

Lets Talk about Fireplaces!

So my house is a older home, and it has a very awesome LARGE fireplace. I am pretty sure I could fit a 3 foot long un-split piece of wood in this thing its so big. 

Exhibit one, my living room....

First of all I also have a problem with the randomly placed stain glass window (All it does is go into my sun room). Secondly I also have a problem with the mirror that they couldn't have not put up in the house *rolls eyes*. Third seriously... whats up with the paneling? BUT MOST OF ALL!! THIS FIREPLACE KILLS ME!

Ok, sorry for the caps lock, but seriously.... the hearth extends the entire width of the room, the mantle is tiny, that gold box is hideous, and I am not too keen on the brick either. 

Onto inspirational pictures.... 

  long and low on the hearth...

 Do you think I could get away with painting the bricks white and redoing the mantle to make one that goes the length of the fireplace itself? I mean it barely has enough room to hold all my fancy pretty junk up there... and i think it is going to fall half of the time. So vote, should I paint it white, or leave it alone? 

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Janina's Bouquet at her wedding

You can read about Janinas bouquet in the original post, and all about it over here 

We focused on her school colors with the purples and golds, and her sorority mascot was elephants! 

This is a great lady and I am glad to have met her! 


I love that she prayed with her bouquet, makes me feel very special! So many of the trinkets in her bouquet were from family members! 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Trip To California

Recently my work has sent me on quite a few work trips, so I figured I would share my travels with you! They sent me to Bakersfield, CA in October for a week, 2 Days in Bakersfield for a job fair 2 Days in Palmdale CA for work, and 1 Day in LA to fly home! Oh boy did i have a great time, one of my coworkers decided to ride with me and explore all it had to offer!

Holy cow is that the ocean? Yeah I had to stick my feet in the water just to say I was in the Pacific Ocean, and YES it was VERY COLD! 

This is from driving down the pacific coast highway, isnt it so pretty?

 This awesome restraunt is located in Malibu California, along the Pacific Coast highway, they had really great food. Rachel Ray had been here before and said to try their clam chowder, which was pretty fantastic!

These are the fish tacos from Neptunes  Cove, it had this really awesome slaw on it! 

This is our rental car, i think we put some where around 1,000 miles on it while we were there, and HOURS of driving all over southern California! 

Beautiful Dam that is stuck in the mountains! Yes we stopped, like the typical tourist! 

Just driving through the mountains, the real mountains... Texas doesn't have REAL mountains....

Many people may not understand this, but I am a product of the 90's, and let me tell you I loved this band, and well Bakersfield is the home of this band. Needless to say I had to find the only monument in this town dedicated to Korn... 

This is an amazing hotel we had dinner at, it was built in the 20's. 

The premier of Cloud Atlas was going on at the Theatre, and we had to wait to be able to walk up to the Theatre. My coworker actually saw Keano Reeves, which was pretty awesome! 

Yes, that would be Marilyns hand prints for gentleman prefer blondes in front of Grunmans theatre... i had to.... 

This is my coworker and I, on our last night we drove to Long Beach to see the Queen Mary, which also happened to have a Haunted House going on at the same time! 

Yes, scary lady, and after Long Beach we went home... back to Texas with no Ocean and No Mountains.... :(

Monday, November 26, 2012

Hillary and Her Bouquet

Check out these awesome pictures that were taken of another one of my brides, and if you are looking for a photographer in the DFW area check out 

Her bouquet was a vintage styled bouquet, with browns, pinks and blues thrown in there :)