Monday, December 26, 2011

Another Christmas Filled with Memories

I hope that everyone had a very merry Christmas, and hope for a blessed New Year to everyone as well. Christmas day was busy for us, I was very happy to have my grandmother over at my house for the night, so that she could see Robert open his presents on christmas morning. While we were expecting him to wake up and then him come to wake us up, it was 8:30 am and there was no more lying in bed for us so we woke him up.

Santa was very good to him this year, he brought him riding gear and a new dirtbike to practice on. We plan on letting him race in a few different series this year, and get into the competitive spirit.

We did christmas morning in our house, then the inlaws came over and we had a small opening of presents. We ended the day over at my parents house opening presents with my Uncles Daughters, and my parents bought their daughters some very special suprises, in the form of protection. Every year there is a theme in our household, this year it was guns.

My little sister ended up with a lavendar personal protection gun, my older sister got a 9 mm, and I recieved a rifle to go hunting with my dad.

I also recieved some really awesome vintage goodness, a starburst wall clock, a set of amish pyrex nesting cinderella bowls, some vintage playboys and other types of magazines, and a old coffee pot. This year I have been blessed with many things a husband, an amazing family, and some great friendships. I hope everyone else had such an amazing time as we did.

I will post tomorrow showing you my christmas decor, while it is a little bit late, I want to share with you my vintage tree decorations and other things.

Happy Hunting

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Wreaths and a Show!

I have been in a very creative mood lately, and have taken my creativity out on several projects. I have been custom making ornament wreaths for people based on their color schemes. Also I have been making Paper Wreaths to put in the booth up at the trading post. Lots of creativity has been put into this. 

 Black and White themed available for purchase for $40.

 Red Green and Gold Themed, available for purchase for $50. This is larger wreath.
 This blue and white one has been sold for a custom order to a dear friend of mine. 

 TCU color themed, not intentionally, this wreath is a large one and is available for purchase for $50. 

 Red and White themed, officially my first wreath available for purchase for $40. Below is a black and white themed wreath that was custom made for a friend.

We also did a vendor fair this past Saturday, I was happy with the set up! It looked great in comparison to others that were there. Just wish we could have walked away with more sales and more people knowing to come stop by the Justin Trading post for some great deals! 

We featured several tea cup lamps at this show, they were all marked down available for purchase for $35. These make great gifts for the tea lover in your life. This is the one that got the most attention, mostly from the little girls that were walking around the show. 

We had originally taken out shutter shelves for setup, then quickly realized we needed to improvise. We instead used just the shutters for display. I need to find some more shutters like this for other various projects!

 We did feature our wreaths at the show, but no one bought them. We did get a lot of great compliments on them. Especially the purple and gold one which i suddenly realized were the TCU colors. Mostly everything shown at the show was handmade, and made out of items that were otherwise going to go into a landfill. I have a special place in my heart for saving items that would otherwise be destroyed!

 Check out our tree's that are made out of cupcake liners and posterboard! This is a great fun idea and doesnt take a lot of time! 

Happy Hunting, and Happy Holidays 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

So Many things going on....

So life has been pretty busy lately, with the holidays and everything coming up. We have made the decision to close the booth at pickers point and move permanently into a larger location in the Justin Trading Post. We will now have a majority of the wall in the middle of the room! We have so much to offer everyone, but make your way over to pickers point for some great steals on stuff we dont want to move into the new location! 

We are officially calling our new booth setup Odds and Sod's which is the English version of nick knacks. We have been vigorously working on our current booth in Justin but you will see new stuff being pulled into the trading post over from Keller.

Here are some current booth pictures from Justin Trading Post! 
 There are a ton of hats for sale in our booth! As well as a good selection of Vaseline glass and milk glass. You will also notice some handmade items available at great prices! Also dont forget to check out our handmade one of a kind Tea pot lamps!

 A beautiful vintage vanity! Adorned with some great tea cups, and a great Shabby Lamp! Suitcases, dishes, homemade one of a kind servers!

 We have a selection of handpainted metal tins! These would make a great gift basket, on the back of this one is spring! 

Please check us out over on Facebook and like our page to stay update on a future giveaway!

There is much work to do with not enough time in the world to do it! We look forward to see'ing you walking around the store and loving some great items! 

Happy Hunting!