Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pinterest Party!

Hello Fans and Friends! Me and My Sister are trying our first attempt at throwing a Pinterest Part! Which could become a seasonal thing around here! Anyone ever thrown one? 

This is what the invite is going to look like :

Do you pin stuff on Pinterest and never find the time to do the project? Well here is your chance to do those awesome things that are out there as a group! This is a party where a bunch of us are going to get together and make those nifty little crafts that you see pinned on Pinterest.

We are looking to have a group of 15 people with about 5 different crafts you find on Pinterest. If you are interest in joining us please sign up and post on the wall the Pinterest projects you are looking to do and we will
narrow it down to 10 projects. We can only limit it this time to the first 15 so if you are not serious please do not RSVP to this event.

If there are no tickets available that means we are full, if you can not attend the party and want to forgo your ticket please message Jennifer or Dianna and let us know.

The hostess's will go out and gather the supplies needed for the amount of people coming, and there will be a flat fee for all of the supplies. We are only using the money to purchase supplies, there is no profit on the supplies fee, if there is extra money in the end you will receive a refund! We are thinking the fee right now will be right around $30 for the projects. You can paypal the fee ahead of time to

Everyone needs to bring a potluck item to the event, of a recipe they find on Pinterest! Also please feel free to bring whatever beverage of your choice, alcoholic or virgin!

It would be awesome for you to print the recipe for the potluck item you bring as well.

Did I miss anything? Also anyone have an great ideas out there for easy Pins that we can do? I dont know what I want my one suggestion to be!