Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Annie Sloans Chalk Paint

Earlier this week I shared with you one of the best packages that I have ever received. 
Oh this very heavy little box was filled with such goodies, and so much creativeness that was still to be had! 
This week I bought 4 colors! Paris Grey, Graphite, Old White, and Louis Blue. I also received some clear wax and one of those funky looking wax brushes. 

I have been eager to try out Annie Sloans Chalk Paint, one reason why is because I have used her competition which is the Old Fashioned Milk Paint which comes in those cute little paper bags. The downfall is you have to mix it yourself. I have read so much about Annie Sloans I finally took the plunged and ordered them through my Aunt In Law that happens to be a stockist. You can find her over at TLC Vintage Collection she is the only stockist in Iowa and sells her paint at the Brass Armadillo!

With some free time to spare this week I decided I would redo a couple of chairs I picked up at a Antique Mall over the weekend.

I still need to recover one chair, wax both chairs and finish up the trim on the chairs, but I dont think thats a bad start for only a few hours worth of work. What do you think? Do you like the results?

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  1. Fabulous transformation. Don't you just love chalk paint? Projects get done so much faster without all the prep work. Great job.