Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Another fun filled weekend!

I had another great and exciting weekend, this weekend was filled with picking up some stuff I had won in a auction from a town on the Texas Oklahoma border called Sherman! I spent the weekend locked up in my house pricing items while it was 70-80 degrees outside! You have to love Texas! I even put on my flip flops once or twice to take care of somethings! 

I managed to get 3 pieces of furniture redone over the weekend, here is just a small preview with some better pictures coming later on this week. Let me know what you think about the before and afters. 


This desk was done in coco, and Louis blue. I like the way it turned out just perfectly feminine for whoever plans on purchasing it!

 This chair I knew I had to have, it had great structure, but it was horrible in color and the pad was messed up. The auction owner said "its not a sitter" needless to say that wasn't good enough for me!

So I grabbed a socket and tightened the chair up, slapped some graphite paint on her, added a 1" cushion to the chair and then recovered it in some great fabric i got off the internet!

This is a great looking curio cabinet, we really needed a solution in the booth to show off glass pieces, and currently only had part of a hutch that we were using. 

So I took off the clock, and some of the doors on the front, it is painted with Antibes green on the inside and old grey on the outside, I also added the cute and feminine rose knob to the front.

Sorry about the pictures, I will bring you some better ones later this week, the internet crashed at the house so we are waiting for a new router!

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  1. Oh I love how that curio cabinet turned out, great colors!