Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Brooch Bouquet

I just wanted to share a few pictures with you from my wedding on my brooch bouquet that I amazingly enough made for myself. I am working on a couple of other ones, but this is mine, and my wedding! Some of the brooches in here are ones from people in my family, i had asked friends and family to contribute, and this is what i created! There will never be another one like this and it has a special place in my bedroom now!

 This is me in all my glory on July 23, 2011!



  1. Love that bouquet! It is soo lovely :) You are so lovely. Goodness gracious, love your cute blog!

    Lovely Little Rants

  2. That is just amazing~I love it! the most creative bouquet I've ever seen.

    I'm a fan of vintage brooches. Found you through the Brambleberry cottage link up. If you get a chance, come see my vintage pin display on my blog. Pam

  3. Yours is only the second bouquet I've seen - it's beautiful. You do good work. ;)

  4. What an awesome and wonderful bouquet. Very unique and something to hand down from generation to another. Your wedding dress was lovely.

  5. Hi,
    Glad to see you share this, I work at a antique mall and so many girls come in looking to do just what you've done. However I have never seen a finish one. I really like that you got friends and family to share. How many pins does it take and how much does one bouquet weight?

  6. This is a good way to use all of those vintage pieces from family to use at a momentous day. Very lovely.

  7. I have never seen a brooch bouquet but I am now in love!!! That bouquet is almost as beautiful as the Bride, but not quite!

  8. Wow...fantastic! I love it and so creative.
    Tried to post a comment earlier and I couldn't so hope it works this time.
    Have a great weekend.

  9. Beautiful! My daughter and I made her brooch bouquet from family jewelry. After the wedding, we bought a display case that is made for a football and put the bouquet in it along with a napkin, wedding invitation and wedding program. It made a lovely display and she gets many compliments on it. You did a wonderful job on yours and what a treasure to keep! (Love your dress, too.)