Tuesday, January 3, 2012

DIY Headboard Inspiration

Well, I thought I had it figured out, I thought that I was going to put this perfectly Chippy old window in my bedroom over my bed, I thought it had the right amount of grunge and grease, IT WAS PERFECT! Then I decided i didn't like the grunge so i cleaned it, then i didn't like the fact that it was creme and not white.... THEN my husband sat on the bed and bumped his head and down the window came.... so yet again there is a bare spot over my bed. 

This leads me on the search today for some headboard inspiration!

Although I love the look of the old wood, I do not think my Husband would appreciate the wooden background. 

This is another interesting headboard made with a pallet. 

How about an old door instead? 

This is the way that I think that I will be going, but instead of white, i would like a black leather looking headboard instead. 

I do have some more windows stashed, and they may end up above the headboard on the bed just gotta get them all figured out! I will post more on the headboard designs and ideas once it starts to come together!

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  1. OH that is too funny about the window falling down and you not liking it after it was put up. Sounds like me. Glad to know I am not the only one who decides something doesn't work after it is up on the wall. I am a new follower!