Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas Decorations

I hope that everyone out there in blog land had a very merry Christmas, while i took the decorations down over the last few days at least i will have the pictures to remind me of our Christmas. I am very proud of my Shiny Brite Christmas tree, i loved all of the hand painted ornaments that my mom and I had been collecting this year. I just wanted to give you a short preview of the decorations.

These great little things are mercury glass beaded spikes, they were a nice little touch in the tree.



These little snowmen are Hallmark ornaments i have been collecting for my son since he was born. One for each Christmas we have had. There are also the reindeer behind him that we found thrift storing. There is a small reindeer, so we call them ourselves in reindeer form :)

This is a great Vintage Santa my mom picked up for me in a Auction. Its pretty funny that my little sister and best friend think that this guy is quite creepy, and cant stand to be in the same room as him!

This Santa is a great drummer, my mother also picked this up for me in a auction. I just love the rosy little cheeks of the old Santa's

One of my favorite things about Christmas are these Bubble lights, i wish i could get my hands on a few more sets.

This is my son's Christmas tree, red and silver ornaments, with a bunch of Hallmark ones thrown in there. He loves that he gets his own tree.

This is my entry way table, although i need to find a nice sideboard or buffet this table will do for now. I made the glittery noel signs and found the tree printable online.

This set was probably one of my favorite finds this year, its our fat nativity scene! Found it at the local goodwill for only $8. I think it looks great stacked on the old suitcases.

Well just wanted to share our holiday spirit with you guys, i have been off for over a week, and have to return to work on Tuesday... this holiday has been great for me I have spent so much time with family friends and celebrated everything we love.

Happy Hunting

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