Wednesday, January 18, 2012

More Painting

Last night I decided to give the painting on the cabinets a break, and sat down and painted a few different things. I only have a picture of a cabinet, and of course its a cruddy cell phone picture. 

This is a chest done in Provence from Annie Sloan, I need to find some new drawer pulls for it, and i would like to stencil the front of it with something. I have decided not to distress it, because I like the blue that it is, it could bring a nice pop into our booth! I am also still debating on if it is going to go into the booth or not! 

What do you think I should stencil on the front? 

Here are a few of my ideas!

I am also considering a birdhouse or a tree....

What do you think? Click on the pictures for the sources :)

1 comment:

  1. Goldie, we have so much in common, I too want to use Annie Sloan on my cabinets but am not sure what color, I too adore provence and have painted shutters to go in living room, I too have a dresser to do exactly like the one you posted I am going to do my arles and white though as I love the combo of that and have done a dresser like this before and it worked great! I say go for the bird/tree stencil but I have a thing about birds and tree's. You are so sweet to stop by my blog, Love your blog and cannot wait to see what your kitchen turns out like. Oh there is another thing in common, I too am just shooting with my phone........ have a wonderful day!