Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Need Some Help finding a Tea Set

Ever since I was a little girl I used to love this Tea Set that was kept in my grandmother house. This set is from after the Atom Bombs went off in Japan... 

You see they sent my grandfather over there to aid in the cleanup right after the bombing he was only 17 years old, and already married to my grandmother. 

He brought this set over from Japan for my Great Grandmother, his Mother, it was then passed down to my Grandmother. I treasure this set with all of my heart, but unfortunately it will not get passed down to me, instead it will be going to one of my Aunts and probably to her children instead.

This set is very dear to me because my grandfather passed away when I was 12. When my older sister and I were children we lived with my grandmother and grandfather while my Dad served in the military. I have many found memories of my grandfather, and this tea set that was always kept locked away in the China cabinet. If you happen to find this tea set anywhere I would love to see pictures of it, or know where it is listed online. Since I will never be handed down this set personally, I would like to have one for myself, so I can one day tell my great grandchildren about my pap and everything he sacrificed for our country. 

From what i know about this set that is considered Dragon Ware, but was made pre WWII. I have seen other colors but non like this one.


  1. Such beautiful memories. There has to be another one out there with your name on it. I will keep my eyes open for you too. Very nice!

  2. Such a sweet post. I do hope this teapot will find you.
    Much love, Linda

  3. Thanx for stopping by and your sweet comments earlier! This is such an amazing interesting piece! A true treasure!

  4. I always look on ebay for antique & vintage things I am wanting....these are a few that look close to it.

    1. Some of those you posted are so very close! Thank you for sharing!

    2. Goldie, This teaset is called the satsuma dragon tea set. You can go to to view more. The set has a tea creamer and sugar set, six cups, six saucer and 6 bigger plate. at the bottom of the cups there should be a signature of the artist. The older teaset does not say made in japan it has the signature of the artist. If you have the cup raise it the sunlight and in the bottom you can see the geisha. My girlfriend has one except heres is brown. It came from the Philippines when his father was station there during world war II.

    3. The web site for Satsuma dragon ware set is not It is you will get more information there. I hope you get the set.